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About Us

Team Huh was founded by Jason Mitchell and Gary Griffin back in the early days of personal computing and the infancy of the internet. Dial-up internet, 133mhz computers and windows NT was the foundation that built Team Huh. The appeal and challenge of web design and graphics was the motivating factor that got the guys started. It started out all being self taught and hours of trial and error. There were no you tube videos or massive sites to go to for help. It was so much fun that over the years the guys just kept it going as a hobby. Enjoying what they do and once in awhile a paid client. That philosophy continues to do this day and the guys maintain the business as a hobby. Enjoying what they do and learning comes before profit. Now Team Huh is able to take on clients and match them with a complete E-Business model to help propel them forward into the digital world.

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